Friday, 31 May 2013

Announcement on the provocative invitation of former Greek PM Papandreou to TEDGlobal Edinburgh

On June 11, Georgios Papandreou will be a guest speaker of TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, Scotland. The former Prime Minister of Greece is scheduled to present a lecture where he "draws on lessons learned from the Greek debt crisis" with an intention to "guide the EU through difficult waters", as part of the "Moments of Truth" session.

TEDGlobal should be aware that the truth lies in today's Greece. Policies initiated and implemented by Georgios Papandreou's government led Greece to huge debt, deep, long-term recession and a humanitarian crisis. Unemployment has reached 28% and youth unemployment (for young people up to 24 years of age) a staggering 60%.

Mr. George Papandreou was not a "political prisoner" of the Greek crisis. Instead, he is one of the main architects of the current financial and humanitarian crisis that Greece is going through.

TEDGlobal conference organisers may, of course, invite whomever they wish; however, the invitation of the Greek former Prime Minister to TEDGlobal, given the conditions under which it is taking place, is a political intervention with an aim to vindicate the Papandreou administration's policies. To say the least, it is a provocation to the people and democracy in Greece, both of which are currently suffering because of said policies.

TEDGlobal organisers should realise that while the legislative process in Greece has been discredited and the rights of the "Charter of Fundamental Rights", such as the right to "collective bargaining", are being abolished, the person mainly responsible for this situation is invited to talk as the theoretical authority on these very subjects. The organisers are accountable to the Greek people and global public opinion, and should display the appropriate sensitivity when democracy and the conscience of a whole nation are so grossly offended.

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